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Finding the Right Band for Your Big Day

Selecting the right wedding band Manchester is important so you and your guests aren’t upset for the duration of the reception. You need to know they can play music well, they will show up on time, and the type of music they will sing. Find a band early on so you aren’t in a rush as the big day gets closer. The best ones fill up their calendar of available dates quickly.

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory (1995)

“We just want to blow every other band into oblivion” Noel Gallagher triumphantly told the presses. And for a brief period, in the mid nineties, it looked like they did, as the world turned to the attention and notoriety bestowed by the Gallagher brothers. Liam snarled like Lennon, Noel wrote like McCartney.

Getting Started As a Music Business Entrepreneur

This article explains some of the differences between an employee and an employer. If you want to succeed as a music business entrepreneur, understanding this difference will prove critical to your success.

2 Important Pieces of Music Business Advice

Starting a business in any sector isn’t easy. But if you have a long-term view of what you’re trying to achieve, it makes it much easier to make decisions that will help you make progress. Here are some tips on how to apply long-term thinking to your music business.

What You Need to Know About Starting a Music Business

Starting a music business isn’t unlike starting a business in any other sector. There are, however, some facts you should be aware as you look to get started. This article offers a big-picture view of what you need to know about start a music business.

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