Greatest U2, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, LedZeppelin – Slow Rock Ballads Ever

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Garage Is Back – How to Make UK Garage Music

Here are a few tips on how to make UK Garage from one of the most prolific EDM producers around. His music productions on world famous record labels such as Nice n Ripe, Azuli Records & Defected Records are well known.

Herbie Hancock Songs Part 2

Herbie Hancock kept reinventing his music through the 1970’s and later. More great Herbie Hancock songs kept coming. Find out about his first mainstream hit and learn about his influence in the disco world.

Herbie Hancock Songs Part 1

Some of the best Herbie Hancock songs were composed in an era of when things were psychedelic and “Groovy”. This was the 1960’s. In the midst of war and peace protests, some of the greatest music came out of that era.Take a trip through the great songs and accomplishments of Herbie Hancock during this era when he partnered with great legends like Miles Davis.

Turning Your Amateur Band Into Professionals

So you’ve played a few local shows, you’re enjoying being a local celebrity and you’ve decide that you are going to try and “make it” as a professional band. The life of a famous band musician certainly looks fun and may even appear easy but I assure you it is anything but easy (although it is fun!).

Understanding Decibels and Noise Limits

Many people don’t truly understand how decibel limits work or what the numbers really mean. In this article, we give you a basic understanding so you can be better prepared to deal with any noise restrictions.

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