Greatest U2, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, GNR – Slow Rock Ballads Collections

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Mixing and Mastering In FL Studio (The Ez Way)

There have been a lot of people contacting me asking how to make better beats. Most of these questions are about how I get my tracks sounding soo clean and warm. I’ve decided to post an article about it rather than responding back to these people one by one…

Learn How to Become a Song Writer – For the Superior Song Writer Inside You

If you are creative with an interest in music and language, chances are that you’ve wondered how to write your own song. Song writing is not only a highly sought after skill, but it can also be a very therapeutic form of writing and expression of your inner emotions.

About Cinema Consultants

The world of cinema is progressing so fast and so rapidly that the current norm is to stay up to date with all the latest technology and all the latest gadgets and information technology that has been put out there. All kinds of cinema and movie makers are taking advantage of this and it is required that they do since if they do not then they are not going to be able to keep with all the other people who are they are in competition with. These new specifications are difficult to understand and you need someone to help you…

Promotion of Music Online – An Anecdotal Perspective

In today’s music business, the internet is paramount with the promotion of music. Local bands have the potential to go global right from the start. Marketing in music today HAS to implement the internet in a major way. It’s relatively inexpensive and VERY effective.

The Interesting State of Hip Hop in the South

Rap needs a new name and a different voice that has more content. Lately we’ve been bombarded with character in the industry where rappers play the part as in a film. It’s all about image. I believe that the people want more content in the lyrics right now.

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