Greatest Slow Rock Love Songs Compilation 70s 80s 90s -Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana, GNR

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How CD Inserts Are Still Pulling Strings in the Music Technology Background?

Though a few shades short of oblivion, Compact Disks are still very much a part of digital technology, and they continue to be objects of convenience. Today’s world is more inclined towards i-technology, with online downloads and the ease of iTunes applications slipping the world into an all-new dimension in music entertainment. Ergo, merger between the two warring functions; compact disks and i-Technology, is perhaps the best way to adapt to technological evolution.

Tips on How to Read a Crowd

If this night is your first time playing to a crowd of people you don’t know, the main difference you notice is how much thought you will start to put into your songs in order to keep people dancing. In time, you will become a body language expert and learn how to read a crowd, looking at the reactions of the people on the dance floor as they throw their hands in the air and dance like there’s no tomorrow – or throw their hands up in the air in disgust.

Music Technology – A Brief History of the Electric Guitar

For the A2 music technology exam you are going to need to know a lot of information about the history and development of various music technologies. Below is enough information to give you all 16 marks if a relevant question comes up on the development of the electric guitar but remember your response will need to be well written.

Who Killed Off the UK Summer Events Season?

A quick review of what’s happening with the UK Summer Events scene in 2012. Have the Olympics and Queens Jubilee celebrations come just at the right time. I think the answer is yes. Some festival organisers are taking a year off and hopefully will be reflecting on how the festival scene has changed over the last few years.

7 Tips On Using Social Networking To Make It In Music

Using social networking to make it in music is a key strategy employed by artist managers, record labels and independent artists worldwide. In fact, it is almost expected that artists will have a large quantity of likes, followers and views in their social media. There is probably no industry quite like entertainment where this is such a must. Here are seven tips on using social networking to make it in music.

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