Greatest Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s – Bon Jovi, Scorpions, U2, Nirvana , Aerosmith, GNR

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Brad Paisley Thanks Kimberly Williams Paisley at CMA Awards

In his thanksgiving speech, Brad Paisley thanked the CMAs and others who had a hand in his success story. Last but not the least; he went on to gush about his beautiful wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The blissful couple was recently blessed with a healthy second child, a baby boy.

The Future of Production Music in China

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” That’s a helpful nugget to remember for the non-Chinese production music library that endeavors to expand their business into China. The “nail” is this example is not said music library, mind you, but rather mid-sized businesses, based in China, that take the inevitable hard look at their own branding efforts and ask the age-old question: “Couldn’t our music be cooler?”

Choosing The Best Music For Your Animations

Herein lies an exciting opportunity for animators to grow in their craft by recognizing the importance of a soundtrack that is not necessarily a great piece of music, but rather the right piece of music for their work. Using the steps outlined below, the post-production process for your next animation project should result in a truly inspired soundtrack choice.

Tricks for Rev’ing Up the Crowd When Opening for a Big Band

In the music business, it is important for the big bands to get out on the road and to do shows if they want to sell their CDs and music. And in doing so they have to put on one heck of a show, thus, the music industry realizes that they need really good opening bands to rev up the crowd and get everyone excited prior to the main show – to get everyone in the mood so to speak. And this is where tricks of the trade come in.

Designing Your Perfect DJ Business Card

Having an aesthetic and orderly looking business card combined with your unusual talent and charisma as DJ is your best tool to attracting business and customers. Being a DJ is a profession where you want to make it obvious to people that you’re catering fun, exciting entertainment to them, and you’re professional about doing so.

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