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Significance of Guitar Amplifiers in Rock Music

In case of the guitar player, an amplifier helps to play one role it only makes the guitar louder. It equalizes the signal and removes distortion or any other effects. The essential task of the guitar amplifier is to produce boosted sound volume with clarity…

16-Bit Audio Recording – What The Heck Does It Mean?

Have you ever seen the term “16-bit” used in relation to audio? Do you ever wonder what the heck it means? 16-bit audio is probably the most common type of digital audio. Also, we’ve been listening to it for decades since CDs use 16-bit audio. It all has to do with ones and zeros. The number of bits is sometimes referred to as “bit depth.” Whatever. What you need to know is that we’re talking about the length of words here…digital words. I referred to “ones and zeros” above because computer language is all math and the highest single digit is “1.” So what does this have to do with audio? Hold on a sec. Let’s talk math for a bit (ha!).

The 3 Most Under-Rated Artists in the Music Industry Today

As time keeps rolling on, the music industry continues to grow and conform to the computerized talent in which has consumed the industry today. It seems as if the more money made in the music world today, the less genuine talent the artists have. Noticing the Top 10 hits of iTunes in the past 10 years, the list is filled with rap stars and computerized musicians that have no talent other than how to work a simple music production program. The fact is that music has taken a turn down an uncharted road that is filled with technology and mediocrity.

Kick Start Your Rap Career in Three Phases

When an artist begins their rap career they must go through phases and steps. There are three phases and a few steps within each phase. Getting a mixtape produced is the first essential step. Read the must-know phases in becoming a rap artist.

Different Kinds of Bass Guitar Effects

Bass guitar effects are equipment used to alter the audio signal from the instrument to the amplifier. While bass effects could give you a new signature, it is always recommended to give it just a subtle twist so as not to overlap with the guitar section of the band. Effects made for bass guitars are similar to lead guitars, but is designed to fully optimize the distinctive tone of a bass guitar.

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