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The Gospel Music Industry Vs The Gospel Music Ministry

This article discusses some of the fundamental differences between the Industry of Gospel Music and the Ministry of Gospel Music. Many around the USA and abroad intertwine the two and they are more different then they are alike.

The Foundations of Singing: Why Are Vocal Warm Ups So Important?

Singing is a physical activity and as with all physical activities, it’s essential to warm up the muscles and the elements of your body that you will be using. Carrying out vocal warm ups is no different in principle, to an athlete warming up their muscles before competing or training. As a singer, you are heavily relying on both technique and muscle support to assist you in getting the very best from your voice and if you do not train and maintain those muscles, (especially your diaphragm), then you cannot expect them to function to their full capacity. You need to give them the necessary care and attention, not only to enhance your performance, but to avoid short-term or long-term injury.

Country Music Singers: Paying It Forward

Country music singers are more than just having the ability to belt out a sorrowful ballad–even though that is super, but they touch the lives of many people by “paying it forward.” This articles shares a few of the ways they do that. See if you agree.

Music Promo

There are very few artists who are relatively comfortable with never selling or having anyone ever hear their music. The innovative musician PJ Harvey notoriously said she would not exactly be bothered if no one heard her music, and contemplated recording an album only to hide it away for no one to hear. She just wanted the satisfaction of creating it for herself alone.

The Foundations of Singing – How Should I Look After My Voice?

Hello! My name is Hollie and I am a professional singer and vocal coach and I would like to take the time to share with you some of my Top Tips and Techniques, to help you get the very best from your voice when singing.

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