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Victor Herbert & Pop Music Industry

A huge percentage of Americans cannot live without their IPOD and personal music library. Rap, Country, Rock, Show, Movie, Easy Listening – in short – Pop Music is big business, but where did it all come from? The Pop music phenomenon grew in the mid 20th-century, partly stoked by the golden years of Broadway as musicals showcased the music of Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Lowe, Comden & Green, Bernstein, Sondheim, etc. These hugely famous productions routinely produced single songs which quickly sold across America as popular sheet music and recordings, finding their way onto the radio, the home piano and the record player in every home in the land. The popular (“Pop”) song became big business, turning unknown composers into American superstars and doing a huge service to their bank accounts. Would you believe this lucrative side business for composers actually started 40 to 50 years prior with the music of Victor Herbert?

Produce Your Own Music

Looking for a way to produce your own music? No matter what genre of music you are going to produce, choosing the right tools to produce your own music is vital. Whether you are just a beginner or an advanced producer or composer, finding a program that is jammed pack with information and instructions is a key starting point to produce your own music.

Why Sign Your Song With a Music Publisher?

“How to sign a song with a music publisher” is a question best answered by simply marketing your work, the real question is why you should sign a song to a music publishing company at all. The most common way to get your song to an artist such as Tim McGraw or Martina McBride is to sign with a song publisher. Once signed, a good publisher will explore every possible avenue for your song to earn income. This frees your time to write more songs and has many other benefits.

The Future of the Music Industry

For a long time vinyl was the preferred format for music. However, at some point the CD came along and became the dominating format. But, as is clear, the CD has always been a format based on compromises. It is a digital format, but with limited capability to take advantage of the potential of digital music.

What Are Music Publishers?

Today, there is a rather wide variety of music publishers, small and large. In reality, everyone that writes songs is a de facto music publisher if they intend their music for the public and they do not have a publishing deal. That is, if someone wants to use the music, then, at least in theory, they would come to the songwriter for permission to use the song.

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