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The Start Up Home Studio

An article on setting up a home recording studio using Pro Tools as your Digital Audio Workstation. Topics covered include: Choosing your DAW, Speakers, Microphone, Preamplifier, and more.

Lil Wayne Tattoos

Lil Wayne is one of the most controversial as well as watched music artist at the moment because of his talents and more even more intriguing lifestyle, persona, and eccentric tattoos covering his entire body. The most noted tattoos would probably be the tattoos on his face which include, “I Am Music,” a series of cracks, 3 to 4 tattoo tears, and the notorious “Fear of God” tattooed on his eyelids.

In the Music Business?

Today I want to talk about the Music Business. Every artist wants to ‘get out of the basement and play man…’ I hear it everyday…. ‘I just want to play’ I say that’s great… welcome to the world of amateur music! You see, if you want to make money in this business… the music business… we need to remember that last key word: BUSINESS!!!

6 Steps to Seducing a Booking Agent For Your Band

Many bands spend a ton of time trying to get a record deal. Booking Agents may be great allies to have on your team if you select them well. Here are some tips on doing just that…

The Blues Guitar Method

The blues is simple noncomplex and should be played that way. Sometimes a little goes a long way, use expressions like bending, sliding, muting as well as pressure on the string such as subtle or strong to help create emotion and feel.

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