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Ways to Market Your Band

There are plenty of ways through which you can market your band. You have to first make yourself known. However, do not go about marketing your name all over the place.

Interview Etiquette – What Aspiring Artists Need to Know About Media and Record Label Interviews

This article’s media interview tips include ways to show proper etiquette and make yourself stand out to radio program directors and others. These tips are ones often applied by job seekers when going through job interviews and can also help you, the artist, in media interviews and in meetings with potential labels.

5 Things to Remember When Doing a Phoner

For those of you who may be asking yourself, “What the heck is phoner?” it’s a term often used in radio to refer to an interview between the DJ and an artist who calls into the station for the interview, as opposed to an in-studio interview. There are certain things an artist can do in a phoner to maximize the opportunity of the interview to make it flow better despite the absence of a face-to-face interaction with the DJ. Many of these tips are also useful for job seekers who have to go through phone interviews prior to an on-site job interview, so listen up!

The Making of a Superstar

Ever wonder how mega music superstars become such icons? The ideals that embody a “superstar-in-the-making” of course include talent, the right team players, and financial backing, but there is more to the success of an act than just those fundamental elements. It also includes elements that make an act a household name, which as a whole is known as branding.

5 Cheap Music Marketing Methods for Creative Musicians

No matter how gifted you are or how equipped to rock a venue with your performances, without proper promotion, you and your music will go nowhere. Harsh as it may sound, that’s the sad reality. But do you know that even without unloading a hefty amount from your wallet you will still be able to promote yourself as a musician quite effectively?

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