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Getting “Discovered”

This article offers a few tips to unsigned bands or artists looking at promoting themselves in the music industry. Enjoy!

Promotion, Publicity, and the Indie Artist

Often, DJ and Radio Host Alisha B receives lackluster press materials in her email. She writes about the difference between promotion and publicity to help Independent artists strategize for their brand’s marketing, and leverage the Publicity that can get in ways that effect their bus and booking.

Top 30 Elton John Hits

Elton John has had an amazing career with nine chart-topping singles. Here’s a brief bio on Elton and a look at his thirty biggest singles.

Using Business Skills to Enhance Your Music Career

Making a career in music can become easier using techniques that people in business use. You career will be improved using techniques such as proper grammar, meeting deadlines and multiple facets of income.

Why Use A Celebrity Booking Agency?

Have you ever considered hiring a celebrity artist to perform at your venue or event? Do you want a celebrity DJ to entertain your guests or have a Reality TV Star attend your event to Meet and Greet their fans at your venue?

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