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Don’t Let Your Email Lists Go Cold

A lot of bands and musicians do a great job of getting email addresses at a show, on tour, or even exchanging a free Mp3 for an email address. But they let the list get cold by only sending them two emails a year. One promoting your new album or tour and then one during Black Friday because you’re hoping to sell some merch.

What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means For Music Marketing

Some of you might have seen that Mark Zuckerberg is changing the Facebook algorithm so that posts from friends and families show up on timelines more than from a business page, a musician page, or a media page. Now, if you’re in a band, you might be worried because especially for the last four or five years, we’ve basically been told that if you want to market your music, with with social media or Facebook more specifically, you need to post organically, do this daily and you’re going to engage your fan base. This is going…

My Memory of Leonard Cohen: A Motivational Individual

Way back, in ’09, July time, I went to see Leonard Cohen’s World Tour at the Mercedes-Benz World. The memory of that concert has stuck with me for nine years. In this article I reflect on the man, his legacy, and what we can learn from him.

Tips To Use These 5 iTunes Encoders

When it comes to searching the best way to iTunes Encoding, you should know about the five basic types of encoders. Transfer your files to your preferred format from iTunes to your MP3 or Apple iPod as well as iPhone whether they are songs or videos.

How to Gain A Lot of Fans Without Changing Your Sound

You do not have to change your sound to appease to everyone. The goal is to find people/fans who like your sound, not to try to make your sound fit everyone’s ears.

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