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Is The Democratization of the Music Business a Complete Failure?

I grew up in the 1980’s. That was the era of the big labels, big tours, and big hair! Lot’s of $$$ was made.

U2 Is Setting a Bad Precedent

I have been a U2 fan since the 80’s. In many ways they were “my band.” There was no real indie scene at the time.

How to Get Your Music Noticed Online

For a new musician trying to gain a following, the Internet can be a tricky place to navigate. Follow these five simple rules and you’ll be guaranteed to make an impact.

Major Album Releases Put Phoenix Artist’s Hand Drawn Art in Spotlight

Album art for Alice Cooper’s Annual Christmas album, and The Flaming Lips latest release, showcase two of Phoenix-area’s top artists. A throwback to classic rock, the hand drawn album designs of both legendary musical acts brings “paper and pencil” art back to the forefront.

Is This Really Music?

Music is a universal joy that people from all ages and races can appreciate. However, with the invention of technological methods now pervasively used in the music industry, there is a bit of controversy whether it is actually an improvement or a hindrance.

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