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Rappers: How to Grow Your Fanbase

In today’s ultra competitive music industry, it can be very tough setting yourself apart from the crowd. Oddly enough, just like in most other situations, this may also be the very factor which determines your fate. In this article, we’ll discuss & possibly help show some where they’ve gone wrong.

The Role Talent Can Play in Modern Economies

Talent can be a good source of economic freedom, through talent many has succeeded in earning a living for themselves, their family and friends. Talent can be a very good remedy in solving unemployment issues among youth in both developed and the emerging economies.

What Are the Benefits of Lighting Effects in an Area?

Importance of lighting effects. Some interesting facts about how lighting effects will help your business.

7 Ways to Market Your Music With the New Myspace

Though Myspace has declined in popularity – and it still hasn’t shown any signs of making a recovery – it was recently re-branded. Those who still want to use the platform to market their music will want to get acquainted with the new interface and learn to use it effectively. This article contains some suggestions.

Does Offering Free Beats Lower The Value Of Your Beats?

Almost every producer online is offering free beats to their customers in order to get them to try out their beats. It’s a great tactic that also drives in a lot of traffic. Some beat buyers say that they won’t buy beats from a producer that gives away beats for free because they have been used so many times.

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