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The Open Mic Guide Part IV – Microphones

This is the fourth installment of The Open Mic Guide. So far we’ve covered some important topics, and this week we’ll look at the different microphones you need.

The Open Mic Guide Part V – Setting Everything Up

If you’ve followed the guide so far, you’ve accomplished these things.

How Reverb Makes Everything Fall Into Place

I was mixing a song the other day that had a bunch of different tracks screaming in my face. Once you’ve gotten past a certain amount tracks it gets harder and harder to separate everything. This is when you inevitably start cluttering up your mix, drowning out the vocal with rock guitar or losing the punch of the drum because of all the synths.

Building a Home Recording Studio Part 1 – Questions and Computers

I’ve been asked many times about the particulars of building a home recording studio. Most recently, a friend of mine was moving into a new place and he asked for my advice.

Prime Pop: Damon Albarn and Blur

The first in the “Prime Pop” series is Blur and Gorillaz frontman and songwriter Damon Albarn. Since the early 90’s Albarn has ridden high atop the pop charts with music that is both contemporary and forward-thinking at the same time. Rarely overindulging himself, Albarn has adapted through many changes musically, the results of which are almost always pop perfection.

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