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Steps in Self-Producing Your Own Live Recording Project

Your live concert is recorded by a mobile recording truck. A mobile recording truck is a “recording studio on wheels” designed for recording live concerts, broadcast & audio for video production. Sometimes lower budget project carry-in equipment and set it up inside, but it is difficult finding space sometimes, and the loud sound makes it difficult to hear what you’re actually recording until it’s too late.

Tips for Developing a Loyal Fan Base That Will HELP You in Your Music Career

The best way for any company, and trust me when I say your band is a company, to grow its influence is through third person referrals. The combined efforts of a hardcore fan base can create some incredible results with minimal out of pocket on your part.

Jay Z and Samsung: A New High For Music Marketing?

Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail is now blasting in all its glory through the homes, cars, and earbuds of millions. With sales at over 527,000 copies and streams at almost 14 million in the first week, there’s no doubt that Hova’s brand is stronger than ever.

Top 10 Huey Lewis And The News Hits

Why did American Express complain about Huey Lewis? Why did Huey sue Ray Parker Jr.? Find the answers to these questions and the top 10 hits of Huey Lewis and the News in this informative article.

The Songwriter’s Challenge – Creating New Music While Maintaining an Effective Web Presence

To set up and maintain a music marketing website, while continuing to write great songs is no simple or easy task. Only the determined and persistent should apply.

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