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5 Ways to Decrease Recording Studio Prices

Recording studio prices can be quite expensive at times depending on what you need done. Follow these helpful tips and save money with your future sessions.

5 Tips for Making It In the Rap Industry

Creating rap music and actually making it in the rap industry is not easy to do. Learn about the steps to take to make it in the rap world.

What Is a Band Demo For?

Why do bands make demos? What’s the difference between a demo and a master?

Beating Stage Fright

Many of us will have experienced stage fright at some point. But what is it, why does it exist and how do you beat it?

Recording Drums

If you are recording a band and are wondering how to get a good drum sound you might want to try my method. I’m often asked how I get the drum sound I do and after years of trial and error, I’ve settled on this as my “go to” set up.

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