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Costs of Producing a Music Video

If you are wondering about the costs of producing your first music video, this is going to make your life a little easier. According to the Broadcast & Entertainment Union (BECTU), here’s a rate card for all the different personnel involved in producing any music video:

Hey We Are Not Sugar! Secrets Revealed About Wedding DJs!

DJs are not a commodity to be treated like buying sugar! Find out DJ secrets revealed here!

Creating and Publishing Songs – Obtaining Instrumentals and Licences

Today’s music industry has grown so large that almost everyone knows a singer or rapper in his city. Music equipment available nowadays for low prices has made it available for everyone to start their own home recording studio, in which they will create their songs. Some people treat this only as a hobby and do not try to monetize from performances, radioplay, or single sales, but the ones who do should be aware of different usage rights on the instrumentals they use to create their songs with.

Which Is Better For Music Promotion? – Soundcloud Vs YouTube

If you’re making music in any way, shape or form; you have probably tried promoting your music on both YouTube and Soundcloud. I certainly have. When I first started out in 2010, YouTube was my promotion tool of choice. Back in 2011, YouTube recorded over 3 billion views a day across the entire site. That’s more than the population in China! I also signed up for a Soundcloud account but only used it to store songs for fans to download. It wasn’t until recent times that I started to pay attention to Soundcloud much more. I began to find that Soundcloud was just as good of a promotion tool as YouTube, maybe even better even though there are fewer users than the Google partner. Here are some reasons why.

Selling Your Own Beats

Many musicians are earning incredible money through their songs in the music business. You would think that, to be able to do this, you would have to be some kind of superstar, or a very famous artist.

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