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Top 5 Indian Music Artists in 2013

The year 2013 is about to end, you must be planning to party all night. But, what’s a party without music? Similarly, what’s a year end without a musical update? Keeping the same in mind, here are the top five Indian Music Artists of 2013, who made the year worth to be called as a musical year.

Limitations of Design – What They Mean

If you have ever discussed with me anything about design work and what I can do, you may have heard me talk about limitations; The defining feature of design. Nothing in design can be finished without knowing its limitations. Otherwise everything would be much larger than they are, in which we could not use them in vehicles as easily.

Free Beats – How To Use Them To Make Money

Every beat maker wants to eventually sell their beats and make money off of them. The sad thing is that most producers online only get shadowed out by the major beat sellers online. The biggest problem is that there are so many beat makers out there that it can be hard to get noticed sometimes.

Audio Compression Becoming a Thing of the Past With Modern Hi-Fi Systems

With the vast improvements in internet bandwidth and media storage is audio compression needed? The start of an era of HD audio for everyone.

Drowning In The Mainstream

George Jones was a mainstream country music superstar. Larry Jon Wilson, a notable contemporary of Jones, was not.

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