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Becoming a Music Entrepreneur

Is your job not providing you with enough money to pursue your musical passions? Do you find yourself tired and plagued by lack of time? What if you could build a business or an asset that would give you complete control over these valuable resources so you could be free to create in any way you saw fit? Learn what it means to become a music entrepreneur.

5 Tips On How To Optimize Your Beat Selling Website For Search Engines

It’s tough to start selling beats online if you don’t have your own website. It’s even tougher to sell beats on your website if it is not optimized properly for the search engines. This article will serve as an optimization guide for any producer that is trying to sell beats online.

Attention Rappers – Same Old Thing, Day in Day Out – Do You Really Want That?

Have you been “grinding” in the studio, but not seeing any results? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results over, and over again?

Dont Be Afraid To Invest In Yourself

The best person to invest in is yourself. Don’t be afraid to invest in your music career, this is a must!

Attention Music Artists: Want More Fans? Here’s How to Get Yourself Known

Have you been working hard in the studio, trying to sell your music… but you are having problems getting new fans?

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