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How Mexican Salsa Holds the Secret to a Great Music Production

I’m a big salsa fan. Mexican food is definitely one of my favorite foods and I can’t get enough of the different types of salsas you can get with it.

4 Fool-Proof Ways to Produce Music That’s Interesting and Cool

Sometimes you’ll produce music that’s simply uninspiring. If you’ve got your music production down but you feel like it’s lacking interest, what do you do?

The Three Inglorious Gangsters of EQ

Say hello to my little friend! Or rather, say hello to my three little gangsters that do your dirty EQ work for you.

Flattening the Sound

Sometimes depending on the style of music you are recording, there’s a need for achieving a really big sound in the mix for some instruments; if not all of them. The process of making an instrument sound bigger is called fattening. How does it work? Pretty easy in fact, you only need either two microphones of the same type or a delay unit or plug-in. The principle of fattening is based on a short delay. Why is this? Well it has to do with the way our ears work.

Marketing Concepts for A New Artist in The “New” World of Music

With the music industry changing each day, it has become harder and harder for a new artist to market, promote and “sell” themselves. Therefore presenting the importance of learning and understanding new concepts of how to gain exposure. With these new concepts, an artist can ultimately gain greater exposure and increase sales.

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