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5 Mistakes You Made on Your Last Recording

Everyone who goes into a studio, whether they are an artist, an audio engineer, or a producer, is trying to “get a great sound.” There is a lot that goes into making an excellent sounding recording and a lot of it doesn’t have anything to do with the gear. Here are five mistakes that people routinely make when going into the studio. When your project doesn’t come out the way you expect it to, more often than not you can find the reason in one of these five points.

The Passing of an Icon, Amar Bose

Amar G Bose lent his name to the sound systems that revolutionized personal enjoyment of music. Who he was and how he came to do what he did.

3 Easy-To-Play Christmas Songs For Piano Beginners

Every piano beginner looks forward to a day that all their effort paid off. Learning the simple, easy to play songs could perhaps be the one thing to inspire your learning and aid in expressing your knowledge to family members, friends or at the community mini festive concerts that you’ve at least gotten something out of your practices. You will soon uncover the three simple songs that I personally suggest to my piano students for a festive period like Christmas.

Success Is a Choice – What Are You Going to Do?

Success is a choice. Stop blaming everybody else for not succeeding…

Home Studio on a Budget

Ever wonder about how to take the first steps in building yourself a home studio? I will give a brief overview of the things you will need to think about and consider before planning your studio.

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