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Unusual Live Sound Trick

Caution, this requires an understanding of phase (polarity) and accurate labeling of cables. The monitor speakers react in the same way, except they are facing the other direction from the main speakers. This feedback is often in the 100-400Hz region. Reverse the phase of your monitor speakers. If you are using banana plugs on your monitor speaker cables, this is very easy to accomplish. Simply plug the banana cables into the monitors backwards. This is a 180 degree phase (polarity) reversal. Then immediately label this cable as phase reversed. A simple fix for feedback due to room resonances that is cheap and relatively easy.

What Are Bass Traps and Why Do You Need Them?

Why are bass traps so important? One of the first order of business when creating your home recording studio is to deal with the low end. Bass trapping is paramount to your recording studio design since it takes care of the low frequencies and leaves you with a better sounding home studio.

Twitter Attempts to Crack the Music Discovery Conundrum

Technology giants such as Apple and Google are rushing to be a part of what is about to become a very crowded industry. Music Streaming has been growing in popularity over the last few years, with services such as Spotify and Pandora offering a convenient and low priced way for people to consume music. Twitter is the latest technology firm that is rumoured to be dipping its toes into the market, but with Spotify and Pandora struggling to turn a profit, can Twitter compete?

Choosing the Best DJ Controller for You

A discussion about choosing an appropriate DJ / MIDI controller. Should you choose a Traktor Kontrol S4 or a Numark Mixtrack Pro? What should you look for?

My Black Story

The history of the N-word in music and society. A story of articles and movies found in American Colleges. Hidden aggression of civilization in English academic writing. Nevertheless, literature by a student practicing on advertising campaign for small companies. A look into the future of music in Hip Hop.

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