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6 Steps to Fixing the Muddiness in Your Music Mixing

Define clarity? Something that sounds clear and pristine? In the music mixing world at least, clarity is when you hear all the parts of a mix clearly.

Essential Microphones for Your Live Sound Setup

I was hosting a workshop at the Tucson Folk Festival recently and I got a really interesting question from one of the attendees. He wanted to know what kind of microphones should be used in a live sound setup.

How to Make Your Podcasts Sound Better Than Copyblogger’s

I was listening to Copyblogger’s podcast about headlines. Recently and I noticed something interesting in their audio quality.

The Essential Audio Interfaces Under $500

What’s the best audio recording device for you? How do you find the best audio interface for your needs?

The Simple Method of Recording Drums in Your Living Room

Two weeks ago I talked about recording drums for a demo I was going to make. Well that recording session fell through since we were invited to play at the Tucson Folk Festival.

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