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Novation’s Automap Control Software

Musical development software has been in existence since the 1960s. Like any other technology. It has been refined and improved over the years to arguably its best ever state. Today, computers can make musical notes by themselves and it is widely acknowledged that the future of music is computer based. One company that is at the heart of this musical future is Automap.

Exile On Main Street

It is often the trait of a great band that they can be remembered for one masterful album alone. For Led Zeppelin, this album was their fourth album. For Dire Straits, it was Brothers in Arms.

Resurgent Of Old School Music That Moves You

After several decades of disappearance, over thirty plus years; thirty-six to be exact, there has been a resurgent in some old school music that moves you. Back in the day in the late spring of May the latter part of that month in the year1983 there was a group from out of Dayton, Ohio named “New Horizons” who hit the top 40 Billboard R&B music charts with a single titled “Your Thing Is Your Thing” produced by Roger Troutman from the album “Something New” Well, that was the end of that followed by another single titled “Searching For That Lady” taken from the groups second album “Gonna Have Big Fun” in1984; you can’t really say a one hit wonder as much as you can say a one miss wonder.

Online Branding for Musicians How to – Why Branding Your Band Is Essential

This article details all aspects of branding your music image online. It pretty much covers everything in a step-by-step easy to follow guide. I’ll explain why it’s vital to professionally brand yourself.

Music Industry Sharks – How to Uncover the Unscrupulous Many in the Music Business

There are a ton of people out there claiming to be music marketing experts, music publicity experts, and social media experts. Yep – Literally thousands upon thousands. When it comes to marketing and publicizing your music you have a wide variety of good choices.

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