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A Realistic Music Business Plan

How does one get started in the music business? Where do you start? This article offers an overview of what you need to do to get set up in the music industry.

7 Music Business Basics You Need to Know

If you’re looking to get into the music industry, there are some things you should know about the latest developments and changes, many ushered forward by technology. This articles covers the basics.

Dog Man Star (1994)

Suede started Britpop and subsequently came to hate the genre, none less so than Suede’s guitarist and co-songwriter Bernard Butler. Moving to move away from the genre the band saw as “a horribly twisted, a musical Carry On film”, songwriters Butler and Anderson moved to the darker albums of Lou Reed and Kate Bush, Anderson took solace from Scott Walker, Butler listened to The Righteous Brothers. The result was magic!

You Have been Loved (George Michael)

On Christmas evening UK time, I like so many people, was shocked at the passing of George Michael. I loved his music; I spent more time listening to him in his Wham days. What struck me was how much I was upset by it.

How to Prioritize Online Marketing for Your Music Business Venture

How do you successfully market your startup or new music business venture? We take a look at how to prioritize your online marketing efforts so you aren’t running around like a headless chicken trying to figure it all out.

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