[Free] Alternative Rock x Pop x Rnb Type Beat “Hope” (Prod. Catucci)

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CD Manufacturing – Readiness Checklist

The song writing, recording, mixing and final master production stages of a major album release, more often than not, take years of hard work. For professional musicians, the album and its promotion through single releases and live performances, is their central income generator. If it’s your first independent release then any and all advice will probably be gratefully received, so the aim of this article is provide a checklist for getting your album into production when you have the final master in your hands.

A Guide to Free and Affordable Music for Serious Music Artists

This is a guide to help aspiring music artists to connect with affordable freelance music producers. This guide will help create a path to success.

Why Quality Merchandise Should Be a Priority for Bands and Artists

With the current rise in piracy within the music industry, licencing deals, live performances and merchandising have become the principle means to artist revenue. With one of the biggest sources for growing bands and even some of the world’s largest artists looking to merchandise in order to make a steady income.

Why Investing In Your Music Career Is Important

Why should I invest in my music? How could this help my music career? What should I invest in? Here’s the answer.

Revenue Sharing in the Music Business for the Hard-Headed

The Music Business can be revolutionized if it would only look to the Revenue Sharing ad platforms for profit. However they are so stuck in old thinking. The industry future can be as bright as we want it to be. The platform is here.

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