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Quality, Not Quantity: The Recording Industry, Piracy, and John Mellencamp

When I first started learning guitar, I was interested in hearing sounds from the past that had been chronicled in periodicals like Rolling Stone, where elongated reviews of album releases romanticized various musical trends. Most ‘vintage’ albums had been issued on both vinyl and cassette formats, and, due to low visibility of many of the artists existing outside of the ‘first tier’ of entertainers, some recordings were tough to find.

Break Into the Music Industry With Social Media

The evolution of music in it’s entirety has moved in leaps and bounds over the past century, if we take a moment to consider what people listen to these days, those of us from older generations will often snicker at some of the music types publicly available today. However, music continues to increase in popularity.

All the Music You Need for an Electronic Music Radio on the Internet

There are a lot of things that you can do over the internet. Among the recent trends about things people do on the internet is listening to dance music radio. A lot of people whether they may be at their office, at home, or travelling listen to electronic music radio. If you try to browse the internet there are a lot of house music internet radio stations available offering you the latest hits as wells as good old love songs from the 70’s or 80’s.

Give It Away Silly – Share Your Way To A Larger Fan Base

You want fans, so why are you not taking real steps to share your music? The industry is a tough nut to crack, and being stingy is not going to get you fans. There is hope though, give your new listeners something, and they will be your biggest advocates.

Now, Buy Beats Online: What Are You REALLY Purchasing?

To save yourself a LOT of money when you buy beats online, KNOW WHAT YOU’RE BUYING. Are you buying yourself a fortune or a lawsuit? Read on to find out.

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