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TuneCore Review

It’s essential that as an independent musician that you make your music as readily available to your fans through as many outlets as possible. This is important for convenience as well as for achieving maximum exposure of your music. There are dozens and hundreds of music stores AND streaming sites. What’s the difference?

Musician’s Life

Every day, we always hear different genre or kind of music and for every song we hear, we always ask ourselves: “who wrote and sang that song?” Every person has a song or music of their life and every song has a different message. In this generation, more music genres are being introduced like rock and roll, alternatives, country, pop, rap and the like. However, some songs today are not sensible enough but are still in the top list in radio stations and internet sites. This shows that in this generation, everyone can be a musician. You don’t have to play music, sing, or write a song to be a musician but as long as you learn to listen and respect the music or song you hear.

Advantages of Using Music Production Software

Music production software has taking the music industry by storm. Nowadays, anyone can learn and start producing their own songs in a short period of time by studying and learning the software. We will talk about the advantages of using these software applications.

Audio Mastering Services: How to Choose the Best One for the Job

Β  With the future of your music career on the line, choosing the best audio mastering services should definitely come high up in your post-production to-do list. After all, audio mastering can have a great impact on your work. It can help make your recordings sound a lot more professional.

Looking Beyond Mainstream Electronic Music

What is beyond mainstream EDM? Is there more to dance music than Tiesto, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Guetta? Can you find pleasure in underground electronic music even though it’s not on a Billboard 100 chart? This article pulls back the curtain of underground electronic music and introduces you to what might be possible with only a little bit of exploration.

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