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Could You Be Getting Better Gear With Less Money?

The newest and fanciest equipment is always, oh-so desirable! Isn’t it?

How to Use the MPC 2500 With Your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

1) First, make sure you have everything set-up properly. Using a dual 1/4 to stereo 1/8 cable, plug the ¼ dual end into the two “Record In” slots on the back of the MPC, which are marked “left” and “right”. Connect the 1/8 to anything that can have headphones/speakers plugged into it.

DJ Bickering

As with anything and almost everything in life, we are forever living in a fast -forward -pace technological world where people are faced with opportunities to try something new. Don’t worry its all good news! For example, things which were too difficult, or expensive in the past are much more achievable today, especially DJ’ing.

This Post Contains a Simple Approach to Online Mixing

You’ve noticed how the world keeps getting smaller haven’t you? The internet makes everything available, right there at your fingertips. For us engineers, this means we can offer our skill set to anyone around the world. For musicians and bands, this means they’re not limited to the two mixing engineers they know in their hometown. They have the world to choose from.

How to Use a Reference Track to Improve Your Mixing

You might have heard the advice that it’s always a good idea to check your mix against a reference track. But what does that mean? What kind of reference mix? How do you go about doing that?

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