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Paul McCartney: ‘McCartney’ (1970)

Though Lennon turned to Phil Spector to produce his sombre 1970 release ‘Plastic Ono Band’, McCartney chose to take producing and recording duties unto himself, primarily recorded on his Scottish farm (though he would record several overdubs at Abbey Road, under the pseudonym Billy Martin). Though ‘Ono Band’ is the more celebrated of the two releases, ‘McCartney’ is the more intriguing record, a compilation of ideas, some brilliant, some not so brilliant, some hilariously unfinished, but significantly rawer and more honest than many of the albums Paul McCartney would release in the seventies and eighties. With ‘Let It Be’ tarnished by strings and choral singers, ‘McCartney’ may prove to be the closest thing to the original concept ‘Be’ envisioned a raw sung to and for the listener. Complete with giggles, coughs and mutters, ‘McCartney’ had an intimacy of a live gig, one which baffled contemporary critics for its unfinished feel.

The Queen Is Dead (1986)

Bridging a gap between the song-writing brilliance of ‘Meat Is Murder’ and the tremendous sonic atmosphere courtesy of ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’, ‘The Queen’ found the four piece at the height of their live prowess, Marr a more versatile guitar player, Morrissey a stronger performer than heard previous. Orchestrated during their 1985 U.K. tour, Marr came up with guitar riffs and melodies during their soundchecks. Aided by Joyce and bassist Andy Rourke, the band’s arrangements would be the tightest ever heard.

MS Whitney Houston Who’s Voice Now Illuminates Heaven – A True Songbird – We Will Always Love You

MS. Whitney Houston- A songbird; mother; daughter; A beautiful soul that was called home way too soon for me. I CONCLUDE that she went home too soon FOR ALL- FAMILY AND FANS- ALL of US INCLUSIVELY. Recognizing a light that dimmed sooner than we expected; MS. Whitney Houston. A star whose light went dim before the final curtain call was ready to quit and must be recognized as one of the most beautiful, unusual, soothing songstresses that ever lived.

A Lifetime of Gigs

This is just a brief look at some of the gigs I’ve enjoyed over the last 25 years of my playing career, mostly from a sentimental point of view. There’s been hundreds of shows, but these are the ones that stand out to me.

What Is Form?

This is an article about ‘Form’ as it relates to music and sport. Just a few ideas on what can lead to ‘form’ slipping away and what can be done to retain it.

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