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Make Instruments Sound Wide In Your Mixes

Whether it’s a guitar intro or the chorus of a piano ballad, super wide tracks sound awesome and larger than life in your mixes. I will show you how to achieve this sound and make your Instruments jump out of your speaker. I will also show you how to overcome some obstacles along the way.

Get A Good Sounding Snare Drum With EQ And Compression

The snare drum is a very important element in most music as it can be the drive of the song. It can be the make or break of a song. So you can imagine that it is important to do it right. I will show you how to get the snare sound you want with some guidelines using EQ and compression.

How Did Recording To Tape Sound Better? How Can I Emulate It?

In a lot of ways people say that analog recording sounds better than digital recording. Is this the equipment? The tape being used? I will teach you in this article how it wasn’t about the vintage gear, but it was more about the playing.

Processing The Drum Overheads Tips

In this article I will be giving you some tips on processing the overhead mics on a live drum kit. Some people say that the overheads make up 80% of your final drum sound. The overheads are what give your drums life and air. In this article I will be showing you my traditional way of mixing the overheads and the ‘Beatles’ way of processing the drum overheads.

Get Punchy Kick And Snare Sounds In Your Mix With These Few Tips

In this article I will be showing you some great tips on how to get pro sounding punchy kick and snare drum sounds that cut through your mix. These techniques apply to every genre with drums ranging from multi tracked Ludwig drums to good old Linn Drum machines.

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