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5 Effective Places To Use Compression In Your Mix

In this article I will be showing you 5 common places I use compression in a mix. Applying compression on these places can be very effective in a lot of mixes.

Factors to Consider If You Want to Be a Successful Musician

Music is a soothing element in everyone’s lives, and the calming effect that it provides is a welcome change for everyone who suffers under huge work pressure every day. Since the beginning of times, music has always been there but like everything else, it has evolved a lot over the years. Music has never been a rocket science, and it is this simplicity that makes it one of the most fascinating art forms ever.

V-Picks Euro and Euro II Review

This is a product review of the V-Picks Euro and Euro II guitar picks. These picks are made of cast acrylic.

Tips On Processing Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is a timeless instrument. It is important that you know what to do when you encounter one in a mix. I hope to show you some tips and share my knowledge of processing the acoustic guitar in this article.

How to Create Better Songs

What if you could churn out hit after hit? How would it feel if thousands of fans were singing your lyrics back to you? It’d be a rush, right?! Definitely a lot of work, but this article about how to create better songs was written to point you in the right direction.

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