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Revenue Sharing in the Music Business Is the Solution for Independent Artists

Revenue Sharing advertisement platforms allow the everyday artists to make money. Not by selling music but by advertising music instead.

5 Things to Know About Revenue Sharing in the Music Business

The entire music industry is undergoing a massive climate change. No one can tell you how it will end up. One thing we can tell early on: Every artist will not make it out alive. Here are 5 ways Revenue Sharing will allow you to survive the apocalypse.

The Best in EDM Music!

Partying in Mumbai, with new clubs, bars and pubs opening all over the city, has never been better! Some big names who have come to Mumbai for concerts include big ticket artists like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas, Swedish House Mafia, and many more EDM artists.

3 Saturation Tips For Your Mixes

In this article I will be showing you 3 saturation tips. Saturation is a great tool to use in your mix to achieve warmth and punch and in this article I will give you some tips, hopefully expanding your knowledge of the topic.

3 Ways To Clean Up Your Mix With EQ

The equalizer is by far the best tool for making space in your mix, cleaning up mud, etc. In this article I will be showing you 3 simple but effective ways to clean up your mix with an EQ.

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