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How To Market Music: An Effective No-Fail 3 Step Music Marketing Formula That Works

Knowing how to market your music effectively can be a daunting task for the most experienced musician. Consider this… What measurement would you compare your music business efforts to in order to truly know if you’re marketing your music properly. Are your current music marketing efforts working to make more of an impact for you, your music and your indie band? Read on to find out how your efforts stack up against the competition…

Music Marketing: How To Market a Band Without Being Boring

Are you guilty of boring music marketing? Do you know how to market a band and have fun in the process? Truth is, it’s much easier than you think. Read on as I discuss how to turn those every day mundane situations you consistently encounter as an indie band or musician into an effective music marketing and band promotion asset. Yes! Turn those band promotion activities into a marketing machine you can ride on that wave of momentum that comes with success.

How To Promote a Band: 7 Low Cost High Impact Band Promotion Ideas That Work

It isn’t easy to find success in the music business so I’ve put together 7 low-cost but very high impact band promotion strategies to get momentum rolling in your music marketing efforts. Add these music marketing strategies to your marketing and music business arsenal but most importantly put them into action to help raise the amount you get paid per gig and your band value. Don’t wait… this is your music career. Read on and get these strategies in effect for your future music business success today.

Band Websites: 5 Common Band Website Mistakes and Why You Should Be Using WordPress

Should you have your own website? What’s wrong with using Facebook, YouTube or Twitter as a home page? These are questions I’m asked again and again all the time. So many musicians can’t seem to get this locked into their brains and it drives me nuts! This is your business. Your music business. Don’t you respect it enough to have your own band website? Dig in with me while I discuss the importance of having a website that doesn’t break any of the 5 most common band website mistakes that most musicians make… and why using a WordPress band theme might be the answer for you and your music business career.

Why It Can Be a Good Idea to Re-Release an Album, a Single or a Product

Many artists worry about re-releasing an album, a single, or other products that had been put out to the public before. But, only a few sales came and not that many people saw it, why not leverage it again with better marketing, promotion and branding for a second chance?

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