Dominic Fike x Indie Rock Type Beat – “Shadows”

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Album Leaks Inevitable In The Internet Era

What are album leaks? Can album leaks sometimes be a good thing?

Online Mastering Studios – 3 Reasons Why You Can Benefit From Them

Online mastering studios – why should you use them? In this article you will find 3 reasons why you might benefit from an online mastering studio.

Alvin Ranglin and His Record Label GG Records

A short background about Jamaican reggae singer and record producer Alvin ‘GG’ Ranglin. Ranglin was the founder of the famous reggae record label GG Records.

Are You Struggling to Hit the Right Pitch?

If you’re not achieving the right pitch when you sing, it can be frustrating as you want to sound like the song is being played. You can have excellent breath control, great projection and perfect timing. However, your pitch involves the actual notes you are trying to hit. If you miss, you can’t hide it. It’s like trying to play a guitar that’s badly out of tune. Your chord shapes may be correct, but the sound you produce does not align with the notes you expect to hear.

3 Reasons Why You Should Let Someone Else Do Your Mastering

In the digital era there are a lot of ‘do it yourself’ engineers. There are also at least 3 good reasons why you should send your tracks out for mastering to others.

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