Dirty Honey – California Dreamin’ [Official Video]

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Why Music Mixing Is Just Like Building a House

Everything starts with a foundation. The theory of music mixing is the same as anything else.

New Concept – Directed Music App for Your Restaurant Table

These new iPhone apps, and all the smart phone apps are getting pretty cool. You can go into a store and buy something, find out what you’re looking for, compare prices, and even ring for help from a floor clerk. In fact, the apps might even tell you when a sale is going on when you might be passing by out front. The restaurant industry is also starting to use apps for things like their menus, reservations, alerting the valet to get your car now, and alerting you as to when your table is ready.

Why Buy an Ibanez Guitar?

While the Ibanez brand may be known for their bass guitars, there are plenty of people who have learned to play using an Ibanez acoustic guitar. Their selection of inexpensive guitars makes them especially appealing to the beginning guitar student.

Why You Need A Music Producer

This article attempts to give an insightful tip as to why you need a music producer when recording a professional CD. A music producer is like a director in a film. His job is to examine what’s best for the artist and knows the market the artist is trying to reach, always keeping the goal of the artist in mind, remembering how to make a viable product to accomplish this goal.

How To Make Beats or Instrumentals On Your Computer For Free

If you enjoy listening to music and you feel that you have music potential in you that waits to be explored, then why don’t you start making your own beats. You must be wondering how to start making your own music without paying for expensive instruments or professional software programs that you don’t even know how to use. So, in this article, we will try to answer your question how to make beats on your computer for free, recommending you few useful software tools and providing few useful tips.

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