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Demystifying Audio Formats: What Format Should You Record In?

There are so many audio formats out there, which ones should you choose to record your audio in? An audio format is a file format through which music is stored on your computer.

The Wonderful Fusion Of Rock Music and Celtic Music

Celtic Rock is not a phrase you hear that often, but it should be. Without realising, you probably would recognise this musical genre quite easily, even if you probably wouldn’t know its proper name as an industry niche. Bands such as US and the Pogues have made this genre extremely famous over recent decades.

Sing a TV Jingle and Record Jingles and Commercials for a Living

As a former talent booking agent and national jingle singer, singing on numerous national commercials, we’ll discuss how you can break into the lucrative jingle and session singing markets. This is an article contained within a series and a must read read for those wanting a career as a session and jingle singer.

5 Need-To-Know Frequency Areas of the Vocal

Below are the five frequency ranges you can start with when you are in trouble and need to figure out how to equalize your vocal so that it sits better with your song. It goes without saying that no amount of “EQ’ing” is going to fix a badly recorded vocal. So be sure to have a clean and well recorded vocal before you start mixing it.

What Does Music Mixing Actually do to Recordings?

There is an incredible change in the sound of the song from the recording stage to the music mixing stage. The processing, the effects, the EQ and compression that’s done to make a (hopefully) great song sound even better.

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