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Here Is What You Should Be Asking If You Are Serious About Growing A Successful Music Career

A lot of musicians are asking the wrong things when trying to figure out how to move forward in their music careers. These things include questions that come from a place of fear, negativity, false assumptions and misunderstandings about how the music industry truly works. By looking for answers to the wrong questions, you all but guarantee failure for your music career.

How My First Concert Changed How I Listened To Music

In 2007, the author attended a concert by My Chemical Romance, which he is a big fan of, in his home country of Malaysia. That concert changed his life.

Attention Musicians: The Most Common Country Song Requests On The Midwest Circuit

Would you like to know which songs the patrons at the clubs on the Midwestern tour circuit wanted to hear most? I was beginning to hear the same requests often enough that I can share with you this list. It may come in handy to have these songs ready in your back pockets, plus a more extensive set list may create opportunity for more tips.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles is synonymous with the music industry, and has one of those names that you just instantly recognize. All of his accomplishments came as he battled being legally blind and a heroin addiction, but he rose above to become one of the best known recording artists of all time.

Who’s Next (1971)

In spite of their artistic appraisal, The Who were never the philosophically astute band Pete Townshend hoped they would be. An ambitious rock album soaring high in the charts, ‘Tommy'(1969) left its chief song-writer hungry for a follow-up with the tentatively titled ‘Lifehouse’, but with a science fiction plot so convoluted that Townshend may have been bereft to understand what it meant, and found himself unable to translate to his three bandmates. Facing defeat, Townshend changed the album into something more accessible, ironically coming up with one the band’s most wholly satisfying record in the process.

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