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7 Quick and Dirty EQ Fixes for the Guitar

Where can I pin-point that annoying tinny sound from my guitar? What guitar frequency is that? How can you EQ that boomy and muddy sound out of your guitar production?

5 Reverb Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Idiot

Reverb is one of those things that even the most experienced of engineers are still trying to figure out. It’s like the Higgs Boson of the audio industry. Engineers have used and analyzed it for years, but they haven’t quite cracked it yet.

4 Acoustic Treatment Tricks That Make Your Room Sound Great Right Away

New rooms are tricky. They’re uncharted territory, and dangers lurk in every corner.

The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Mixing Awesome Music

The gym is a scary place. Especially when you’re starting out. All those people grunting and lifting weights.

Don Cornelius: Life, Death and an Opportunity to Learn

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 4 decades, chances are you’ve at least heard of Soul Train if not Don Cornelius himself. Just as a quick reminder, Don Cornelius is the creator of the Soul Train show. He went from being a local DJ in Chicago to creating one of the longest running television series ever as well as creating a brand that has outlived him through award shows and cultural influence.

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