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The Fuel of Excellence: Drinking Water – A Musician’s Guide to Handling Thirst for Optimal Hydration

This article discusses the importance of proper hydration as a complement to my articles on food combining and exercise. Here I’ll talk about water and its importance to our diet and survival, how water intake must be controlled in order to avoid indigestion, and how to avoid habitual drinking unrelated to physiological need. You’ll also learn about “false thirst” and what types of foods cause it. I also included 5 personal recommendations for optimal water consumption that have worked for me.

Relax! Recording Vocals Is Easy

There is no need to struggle with recording vocals. Relax and take a deep breath. Then give your vocalist a thumbs up and hit record. Or hit record before you give the thumbs up… err… oh no… you just missed that perfect breath into the first verse. Now it’s ALL RUINED!

If You Record An Album And No One Ever Hears It, Did It Make A Sound?

If you don’t have a Record label or lots of money for marketing, advertising and promotion, how can you be heard? These days, everyone and their Cousin are making Mix Tapes and shouting to be listened to. How do you cut through the noise?

Online Music Promotion Advice and Things To Avoid

It’s all about internet promotion. It didn’t happen overnight though. I had a lot of trial and error going through the whole process. I’m not a master at it by any means, but I’m definitely much further along when I first started.

How To Mix When You’ve Got Over 100 Tracks

Veteran recording engineer and producer, Jim Pavett, recently finished mixing Jack Gladstone’s latest record in Tucson, Arizona. The mammoth album, titled Native Anthropology, wound up with over 130 tracks to be mixed down. Drawing on his wealth of experience, Jim managed to create a compelling and aurally exciting mix combining the standard setup of bass, drums, guitar and vocals, along with several eclectic instruments such as the Bouzouki, huge choral arrangements, keyboards and string sections.

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