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Getting Started in the Music Industry

Even working regularly as a musician is an achievement in and of itself and there are several steps that people have to take into order to get there. Here are some of these essential steps.

Mixing Vocals With Two-Track Instrumentals

Knowing how to mix vocals with two-track instrumentals is a must for any artist who is using beats downloaded online. I’m here to help independent artists who are recording over pre-mixed instrumental tracks produce a completed song that will sound competitive to those major label artists who are recording and mixing in million dollar studios.

Getting a Good Vocal Recording in the Recording Studio

This is how I get my vocal sound when I am tracking with studio clients. I vary the steps depending on the clients voice, their material, the microphone and the room conditions. It details use of microphone, placement, technique, dynamics to get a great vocal sound for your projects…

Handmade Versus Machine Made

There is a long standing debate about which is better when it comes to stringed instruments – handmade or machine made? I argue that the handmade – when done by an experienced artisan luthier – will always come out on top because of the sensitivity required to create a product that resonates sounds with quality tone.

Chris Brown the Popular Singer Who Learned Singing On His Own

Born in the small town Tappahannocock in Virginia, Chris Brown learned singing on his own. He joined the choir of his local church and sang in local shows. His mother who was a day care center director saw his talent and was looking for a place for him in a recording company.

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