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3 Mistakes That Most DJs All Make

I see a lot of DJs all making the same mistakes and very often they don’t even realise they are making mistakes. They normally end up blaming the crowd and then the club managers for not booking them when really they caused these problems for themselves!

Should a DJ Always Play the Requests?

It’s always an interesting debate as to whether DJs should always cater to requests from the crowd. Some would say you should always play what you know is correct whilst some would tell you that pleasing the crowd is always your main priority.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Session Players

If you’ve decided to finally outsource your music recordings to session players, then you will need to follow some guidelines to get the best out of this investment. This article offers 5 valuable tips on managing this process, from submitting your scratch track, to never settling for less. If you’re serious about your career and the money/time you’re investing into this, then listen to some advice from someone who’s been in your shoes.

4 Tips for Negotiating the Best Rate for Studio Time

As an artist, it is essential to understand the nature of studios and their business. This information can help artists to negotiate cheaper rates for studio time, the most important part of music production.

The 4 Golden Rules of Getting Your Music Heard by More People

In life you encounter some rules which can be golden, rules that really apply. Any time you find them it is wise to remember and never forget them. They could guide you throughout your entire life.

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