Bon Jovi, U2, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Nirvana — Best Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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CD Release: How to Use Radio Promotion to Boost Airplay and Build New Audiences

How to use radio promotions to identify hot markets for touring. Be prepared to tour in the markets where airplay is greatest.

Play Rock Guitar – Top 3 Mistakes Rock Guitar Players Make

Some people who play rock guitar unknowingly make mistakes along the way, and they are oblivious – not only to the mistake, but to the fact that these errors they keep committing time and time again may affect their skills and the quality of a performance. One of the mistakes a rock guitar player can make is being insensitive to a guitar.

Simple Reasons To Get A Music Licence

Music can bring a working environment to life, encourage you to dance or be the perfect background noise for a cocktail party or working out in the gym. As for connecting with others, music can attract consumers to a store, be utilized in advertising to connect a brand or product with your contented memories, or just give you a rationalization to sing along with mates. However, you may not be aware that to use music in your business you need a licence.

10 Reasons Why Cliff Richard Is Still Popular Today

After more than 50 years in show business, Sir Cliff Richard is still popular today. His calendar is the bestseller in the UK for 2011 and he can still fill arenas the world over. What is his secret? How has he managed to remain fit and relevant in the music world? Read on to find out and who knows, maybe we can learn from his success.

Viral Marketing Superstar Justin Bieber – The Real Life Harry Potter

In order to sell hundreds of thousands of records he now just needs to send out a tweet to his 7 million followers on Twitter or post on his Facebook page, where he is getting close to 17 millions of fans, and inform about new releases. But he also uses social networks to inform his fans and followers on things that happen in his life, when a candidate on a later cancelled live show in Germany had an accident and was injured, he informed his fans that he wouldn’t perform on the show that night and asked them to pray for the suffering man. Things like that strengthen the bond between star and fan.

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