Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana, Led Zeppelins, Scorpions – Greatest Slow Rock Ballads 890’s 90’s Collection

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How to Identify a Good DJ

Party lovers and event organizers will unilaterally agree that the secret to making any special event become memorable is through use of able DJs. That awareness confirms that entertainment is an essential aspect of an event well utilized. However, many people aren’t aware of the features that can be used to vet a professional or competent DJ from the rest who may not be so serious with their work. A good DJ understands all music genres and how to integrate different tracks when producing unique music styles.

Purchasing Rap Instrumentals Online Is Key For Upcoming Artists

Every music artist should be aware that purchasing rap instrumentals online is such a great investment for your music career. The days of paying thousands of dollars for music production are over. Start here and research why this trend is growing so rapidly.

Entertainment Noise Warning Systems Used to Promote a Safer Environment

It is a proven fact that exposure to loud live music can result in hearing damage. And although most musicians and employees working at large entertainment venues and events are well aware of the loud noise levels and equipped with devices such as ear plugs to protect their hearing, audiences are often still subjected to dangerously high entertainment noise levels.

Canada Verses America in The Music War and Decline of the Music Industry

Many years ago America released some good bands that did very well in the music industry like Blink 182, The Offspring and Green Day. Wanting to follow suit, Canada did the same. This back and forth movement has been going on since, but now, the music has been getting worse and worse with artists like Carly Rae Jepson, Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber. Only God can save our music now.

How Exotic Wood Interiors (From Bamboo to Sepili) Affect Your Music Recording

Exotic wood interiors such as carbonized bamboo and sepili may provide an exciting new look for your home or business, but they can also affect sound quality. Before you decide to redo your sound recording studio in wood paneling or trim, stop and think about the acoustic characteristics of the material you’re considering. Every wood acts a little bit different.

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