Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith,Scorpions, Nirvana – Best Slow Rock Songs Of All Time

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What is a Creative Director?

Most regular people do not understand the function and role of a Creative Director (CD). The designation Director, Art Director, Director of Photography and Creative Director all sound the same to the layman. But in fact the CD’s role is far more crucial then just sitting on a special chair shouting “action” and “cut”.

Do You Want To Be A Songwriter? Proven Tips and Well-Worn Paths

There are no pat and convenient formulas to help you write terrific songs. That’s why it’s so hard to do. But there are loose guidelines that can help; as well as listening to the collective voices of experience. After that, you just have to pay close attention to your heart and then follow it.

Music Industry Job Options – New Media

One of the newest jobs in music, or almost any field for that matter, is new media. In fact, because of the increasing importance of technology, it is probably one of the fastest growing careers in the music business too. So, here’s some info on what a new media career might involve.

I Miss BET’s Rap City

The sound of the 45 King and a mayor by the name of Chris dancing to it, is the way I’m always going to remember BET. Even though, they are still in existence and doing well, it’s just not the old days. On Rap City, you could count on every rapper stopping by.

DJ Supplies – It’s Time to Move On

From reel to reel to vinyl, from DAT to CD, from CD to MP3. There have been many changes in the format used by DJs over the last few decades, DJ supplies have increased at a rate that no one could have predicted, back in the day you had 2 turntables a mixer and some records but today? well, at some events you can see the entire stage full up with magnificent equipment and all to aid the “DJ” to rip up the dance floor into a frenzy!

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