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Can You Successfully Negotiate A Good Music Recording Contract Without An Attorney?

Probably most serious musicians and bands have heard the dangers of signing a music recording contract without enlisting the expertise of an attorney. Yet finding an attorney can be difficult and expensive. Also, how can you tell which one is right for you? Is it feasible, practical, or even a good idea to navigate the dangerous waters alone?

How to Use Your Home Recording Software

Lots of musician friends of mine own home recording software, but don’t or can’t use it. These people are musicians, not engineers. But it seems to them they need to be engineers to learn how to record AND learn how to use the software. It can get overwhelming. This article offers advice on how to solve this problem.

Gibson Guitar Factory Flood

On May 1st and 2nd, torrential rains caused severe flooding in the Nashville, Tennessee area. One business that was impacted was the Gibson Guitar plant. Gibson is a leader in musical instrument manufacturing and music technology.

Rap Music – Are You in it For the Money Or Power?

Hip hop has taken some big strides forward. We have many artists who are multi-millionaires. I think that is a great achievement. However the greatest achievement in hip hop is yet to be realized. In the beginning it was not based on monetary value if it was it would not have made it this far. We were independent when hip hop started out.

2 Most Important Live Performance Tips

Very often musicians, artists and bands are oblivious to the basic rudiments of performing. In some cases they are so engrossed in the creativity and the art of music that they totally ignore the people they are supposed to be entertaining, to their detriment.

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