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Strengthening The Music Industry

Nowadays due to a lot of people who have bad intentions, a lot of things today are weakened and almost dying and one of those is the music industry. It is not new to us since pirated or recopied albums and different music recordings became really in demand and popular. Because of these circumstances, the music industry is getting weak and losing all its resources to stand strong which is really a bad thing.

How to Sell Beats on The Web For A Healthy Profit

Learning how to sell beats on the web is a tricky technique to embark on, but can be achieved through the right tips. If you have decided to sell beats on the web then you have to take security measures to make sure that the beats that you want to sell are no entirely stolen. Even samples of your beats won’t give you full safety from anybody who truly wants the music, but you can apply certain tactics to know how to sell beats on the web.

How You Can Make Rap Music Like a Pro: New Software Allows You To Create Professional Beats Easily

Obviously you can find the typical but expensive programs and those are always fun, but don’t think this is your only choice. Listen, if you are looking to create specific sounds similar with beats you notice in your favorite tracks, then you need the right tools for the job.

Quick Bit of Advice for All Artists

Mainstream music has run into a pitfall over the past few years. Anyone can tell you that I enjoy listening to quality pop music, but I still can’t shake this question: Why do I feel less connected to some mainstream hip-hop music than I do a James Taylor song? The answer is that the lyrical content of some of this mainstream music is beyond my reality.

Anatomy of a Rap Beat in 2011

In this article I discuss some of the basic choices modern day producers use when it comes to choosing what instruments to use in their rap beats. I also discuss some of the difference in rap beats today and rap beats twenty years ago.

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