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If You’re Not Using Gigpress with Your WordPress Band Website: You Must Be Nuts!

Keeping your fans on top of your touring and gigging schedule doesn’t have to be difficult. Use this cool little plugin with your WordPress band theme website and you’ll be updating your website on a regular and in under 5 minutes today…

Make Rap Beats From Your Computer Professionally

Making rap beats from your computer was never this easy before! So many people nowadays are having such strong willpower to make music professionally but they face a problem while starting off from the scratch.

How To Make Your Own Rap Music Like A Pro

Rap Music is becoming the ultimate source of escape for many people nowadays. They use the rap music to lose all inhibitions and write their own lyrics, usually inspired by their life experiences that need to be voiced. Even more attractive is the fact that to make your own rap music does not mean you have to follow a set pattern of rules and regulations as you shall see.

How Not to Be a Flop As a Rapper/Singer in 2011

The explanation of the above title can be partially summed up in one sentence: Learn to choose the right beats! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard hip hop lovers around the world talk about a particular artist, saying “We he can flow and he got good lyrics but the production on the album was horrible!”

Radio Promotion – The Secret To Your Music Success

I don’t think anyone can deny that Radio Promotion works. However there are other questions that must be asked before a band/artist/label commits their hard earned cash to a campaign. To be honest I do not think many people in the music business are aware of what it costs or are prepared for the work that needs to accompany the plugger for a campaign to be successful.

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