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4 Ingredients For Producing Great Soulful House Music

House music has always been about the crowd and for the crowd. House music producers, since the very first embryonic sounds spilled out of the Warehouse club in Chicago, have done their best to build a solid, organic connection with dancers and listeners. As times and trends have changed, so have the tunes, but one genre of house that has remained fairly prominent is soulful house. This style combines elements from vocal, funky and disco house, but also adds some distinguishing characteristics of its own. Like funky house, soulful house music has ties to the early masters of R&B, but instead of following the funkier sounds that emerged in the 1970’s, soulful house went in a more emotional direction. Let’s examine some of the ingredients that can help define a soulful house track.

Becoming a Music Producer – A Fascinating Work Day of a Music Producer

Music producers are musicians behind the scenes in the music industry. They promote the artist’s career and are involved in the recording process as well as the sessions of the recording schedules. Training the musicians and working on mixing and mastering details are also part of their job. A producer may also be a performer, an improviser, an instrumentalist who also controls the production jobs such as musical arrangements and recording. They can create an enormous impact on recording an artist performing. Producers have also the ability to advise the artist to choose their top songs style and record the final touches.

Music Production and Audio Engineering Schools Guide

Training has become an essential part of becoming a professional music producer. There are many options for getting the education you need to break into the field. This is a guide that the reviews the top music production schools in the United States to help you find the best program.

The 3 P’s to Breaking Into the Music Industry

Learn about the 3 P’s of Breaking into the Music Industry. Learn why you don’t need a middle man to cut your teeth in the music business.

Music Promotion Online – 8 Essential Tips to Viral Internet Music Promotion

Marketing and promoting your music online is quickly becoming the mainstay for independent musicians and independent artists. Digital music sales now accounts for 50% of overall music sales worldwide. Viral Internet Marketing is a crucial element in the overall music promotion strategy. This article details 8 essential tips to viral Internet marketing your music.

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